Diabetes: Treatment, Types, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention.

diabete-type1-type2-treatment-prevention.jpgDiabetes Definition:

Diabetes occurs when there is too much sugar in your body and low insulin to regulate the blood sugar level. Dabetis is a disease which affects the body’s ability to use or produce insulin.

Insulin is a hormone released in the body. When the body turns the food we eat into energy (which also called glucose or sugar), insulin is released in the body to help transport this energy to the cells. In other words, Insulin acts as a “key.” Its chemical message tells the cell to open and receive glucose. If your body produces little or no insulin, or is insulin resistant, then too much sugar remains in your blood. Individuals with fiabetes have blood glucose levels or diabetes blood sugar levels that are higher than normal and may lead to death poems if they don’t consult their doctor. There are two main types of diabetes mellitus: They are Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.





Type 1 diabetes definition:

If an individual that is affected with Type 1 diabetes, their pancreas will no longer produce insulin. Juvenile diabetes is also another name for Type 1 diabetes, since it is often diagnosed in teens or children. Five-ten percent of people with diabetes are often diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes in their blood cell.



Type 2 diabetes definition:

When the body does not produce enough insulin, then the individual is said to have Type 2 diabetes, or when body cells are not able to properly use insulin; this called insulin resistance. Another name for Type 2 diabetes is called “adult-onset diabetes” because it is diagnosed later in life, usuall after 45years. Ninety-ninety-five percent of people living with diabetes have this type. But it is important to note that recent reports show that Type 2 diabetes has been diagnosed in younger people, even children, more frequently than previously diagnosed.



Other forms of diabetes.

There is gestational diabetes which occurs during pregnancy.

Another form of diabetes is termed “Pre-Diabetes”. This is a condition where a person’s blood sugar level is higher than it should be, but not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. 41 Million Americans are estimated to have pre-diabetes according to The American Diabetes Association, in addition to the estimated 18.2 million people living with diabetes. Some legal practitioners advice their clients to engage in enterprise risk management, by having a premium Life Insurance Co Lincoln or assurance deal as a Nunavut Culture, and partner with Business finance group incase of unforseen circumsttances.

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Symptoms of diabetes.

  • Increased thirst and urination: The patient feels the urge to urinate more, as the bladder receives more urine than normal.
  • Increased hunger: The patient appetite increases beyond normal.
  • Fatigue: The individual with diabetes is often tired or lazy, as there is increased tiredness.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Numbness or tingling in the feet or hands.
  • Sores that do not heal.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • Extreme Thirst.



What causes diabetes?

The actual cause of diabetes is unknown, but it is a known fact that Genetics, diet, obesity and lack of exercise play a significant role in developing diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes.

Also important to note is that Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, which is supposed to control blood sugar. Diabetes can be caused when there is too little insulin, resistance to insulin, or both diabetes meme.


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Treatment of Diabetes.

Although this is a home remedy treatment for diabetes and it is good to have determination as well as motivation to cure the disease, you are advised to consult a diabetes doctor, for proper diagnosis and treatment like conducting a diabetes blood test on a diabetic patient.

You can also seek more info in educational websites on international studies on health issues on how to use technology in education as a remedy to diabetes.



Home Remedy:

Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Drink the water along with the seeds in the morning on an empty stomach. Follow this remedy without fail for a few months to bring down your glucose level.

Another option is to eat two tablespoons of powdered fenugreek seeds daily with milk.


Prevention of Diabetes.

Tips to help reduce the risk of diabetes:

  • Do not be overweight. Ensure you Lose excess body fat because being overweight is a big risk factor for diabetes.
  • Watch your diet: Follow a plant-based, low-calorie diet. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables—a dietary pattern studies show reduces diabetes risk.
  • Follow a plant-based, low-calorie diet. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables—a dietary pattern studies show reduces diabetes risk. …
  • Drink water. Water has no enemy; water cannot be over emphasized, drink lots of water!
  • Move your body. You must learn how to move your body even if it’s not a major exercise. For example use the staircase instead of the elevator.
  • Stress less. …
  • Sleep well. …
  • Keep medical appointments
  • Check your risk of diabetes. …
  • Manage your weight. …
  • Exercise regularly. …
  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet. …
  • Limit takeaway and processed foods. …
  • Limit your alcohol intake. …
  • Quit smoking. …
  • Control your blood pressure
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If I have signs of diabetes, what should I do?

If you have diabetes then you need to see your doctor. When you do that, your doctor will perform tests to determine whether or not you truly have diabetes. If your medical doctor discovers you’re your blood sugar level is high, but not high enough to be considered diabetic, this is a condition called pre-diabetes. Your doctor will make recommendations to bring down your blood sugar level so that you can delay the development of Type 2 diabetes.

But if you are diagnosed to have diabetes, then your doctor will administer treatment which may be in form of drugs or injection. Diabetes may not be cured, but can be properly managed and brought down to the bearable minimum. Do whatever the doctor says, so as to get treated properly.


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