Events that led to the Nigerian Civil War that is still happening in Nigeria Today.

   Events that led to the Nigerian Civil War that is still happening in Nigeria.


The Nigerian Civil war which lasted from 6th July 1967- 15th January 1970,  claimed the lives of over 1 million people was a very bloody war. Not just to those who lost, but also those who won. Those who experienced it will always say they won’t want such thing to repeat it’s self. But the coming generation that has never witnessed such keep being arrogant, and even some that experienced it act like they didn’t learn anything from the Biafran war/Nigerian civil war.


Former President of Nigeria; Olusegun Obasanjo said he won’t want to experience another Nigeria Civil War, and so did Odimegwu Ojukwu before he died. But the fly that follows the corpse to the grave will surely see its end.


My Parents would recount the ordeal they went through in the Biafran war, and I will see the terror in their eyes. They saw terrible things that this generation is unconsciously walking into. War is not funny!


Apart from the immediate Nigerian civil war causes, which was because of the coup by Major Nzeogwu (which led to the death of Tafawa Belewa), and the counter-coup which was led by Gowon (which led to the brutal murder of Aguiyi irons and others), NG Papers took a look at a few other things that caused the Nigerian Civil war, some of which have either happened again, is happening now or on the verge of happening. Let’s look at these things, and hope we learn, enlighten others and help avert another Nigerian Civil War.


– Marginalization of the Igbos: One of the major reasons why the Nigerian Civil War happened was because of the marginalization of the Igbos. Igbos were and are still denied major appointments, and prevented from aspiring to get to important positions in Nigeria. After Nnamdi Azikiwe was head of state in 1960, no Igbo has been allowed to contest, talk more of becoming president of Nigeria. Looks like they get cut off before getting close to aspiring for the position. Same thing for other major positions like Chief of army staff, Inspector General etc.


Happenings like this over the years will definitely raise an eyebrow. This was part of what led to the civil war and is still happening till date in Nigeria!



  Ojukwu recruited UNN students just like Nnamdi Kanu recruited Biafra Secret Service: Just like Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafran Secret Service, Ojukwu also recruited University of Nigeria Nsuka’s students before the war, to pitch the voice of Biafrans, offer protection where needed and advocated for the struggle of the Sovereign State of Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu’s secret service appears to be more aggressive even though they made no attack. But from reports and the look of things, they are ever ready to spring into action, depending on orders received. And even though some of them were rounded up during the Operation Python Dance in South-Eastern Nigeria,  you never can tell what order the remnants will receive and what action they may take which can spike up things afresh!



– Shortly after Arewa youths proposed to chase Igbos out of the North on October 1st, 2017 (same threatening and killing of the Igbos in Northern Nigeria, which made Ojukwu ask Igbos to return to the East before declaring he State of Biafra) the Sultan told Arewa youths to leave the igloos alone, saying anyone who wants to get to the Igbos would first pass through him. But historians have it that same thing happened before the war, and the Igbos that ran to the Emir for protection then were either killed or starved to death. Good thing October 1st came and nothing happened, but we must always reference history and learn from it, because without it there will be no future.


One very dangerous thing about Arewa Youths threatening to chase Igbos in the North is that it’s an idea that is now in the mind of everyone there, and ideas hardly die! Now the younger ones there will see it as something normal, and who knows what will happen the next time they try a stunt like that??



Other things worthy of note is the power struggle by Northern leaders. After many years of ruling in Nigeria, Northern leaders continue to push to rule again and again even though they were in power when Nigeria’s economy began to crumble, and no notable achievement can be accredited to them.



Truth be told, it’s not really a matter of which tribe rules in Nigeria. What really matters is who will make Nigeria great again? Tribalism is our own version of racism, and just like world peace, I doubt if we can be able to completely wipe it out.


Good thing we are no longer in the Military era, else some bloody coup would have taken place and led to something predictable like in the past.


Even though Igbo’s are not fully united, the agitation by Biafrans will never stop. If not for anything, the fact that 50 years after the Biafran Civil War and the agitation still continues is enough reason why. And although the materialization of this feat may not be possible in the nearest future, the violence it creates, and the threats of war are imminent!


The Nigerian government should try and breach this agitation in the most subtle and diplomatic way possible, if not the worse may happen, and this time it may be as bloody as hell.


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