How to Recover from Rape.


This past week on twitter was heating up with a lot of rape discussion. From people talking about “How I was raped” to rape accusation and defence. Before talking about how to recover from rape, we must realize that rape is a very serious and critical topic, as the aftermath could ruin a person’s life.

There is no justification for rape! Even a wife can be raped by her husband. The key thing here is “CONSENT”. As long as a woman does not permit or give you consent to have intercourse with her, but you forcefully have your way, you are a rapist! For those asking What does Rape mean or What is the legal definition of Rape; Rape is when one person penetrates another without their consent. Whatever you use in penetrating the Assaulted, as long as there is penetration, then it is Assult by Penetration,


I am in agreement that even if a woman strips stack naked and then decides she does not want to have intercourse, if you have your way with her without her consent then it is rape. I am also a believer that we are humans and must tell ourselves the truth, like advising ladies to avoid things that will get them into trouble like wearing a thought-provoking cloth to lonely areas at night, going to visit a ‘stranger’ alone etc. Let’s try and help ourselves stay safe out there.


The trauma people experience after being raped is overwhelming and can lead to suicide or stick forever. So here are a few things to do after being raped, so as to help recover from rape and live a better life.



How to Recover from Rape.


  • Get Medical Help:

This should be the first thing to do after being raped. You need to treat the injury which was gotten from the situation.  You also need to go to the hospital to get treated and tested. Apart from treating yourself, since you don’t know the medical condition of the rapist, it’s in place to get tested for STD or any related health issue.

A physically strong body can face mentally challenging issues more than one a weak body, so get enough sleep, eat healthily and regularly and exercise.



  • Report to Authority:

You may need to report the case to an authority.  This could be the Police, and NGO which specializes in rape cases or someone trustworthy.  Most of the time it’s better to first confide immediately to a friend or family member who is trustworthy, then proceed to the police. You may not press charges or not…but just let the authority be in the know.  From there the case might be taken up.



  • Get back to things you love doing:

Most people get emotionally traumatized after being raped, and this may lead to suicide. One of the best ways to avoid the trauma and negative thoughts is to get back to the things you love and enjoy doing.  This will help you focus on other things rather than imagining and thinking about the rape incident. In the end, it will elevate your mood and help you get back on your feet.

As you do this, don’t forget to treat yourself right too. Hang out with friends or take yourself out. Spoil yourself with the things you love and it must not be expensive things or things that may lead you to addiction. Just love and treat yourself right because you deserve it, sweetheart.




  • Fight Back:

Honey, you are stronger than you think and now is the time to show that strength! Fight back to get back on your feet.  Discard any negative thoughts which will make you reflect on the rape scene or any thoughts which are not healthy for you at this time. Be strong for yourself and help yourself bounce back! Life goes on, so don’t let one rapist set you back, move on to greater things!

You must make a conscious effort to fight depression. Don’t isolate yourself when you can be out there exploring new things. Also be mindful of the things you watch in the media. If it’s not the right TV program for you at this moment don’t watch. Also, know how to ignore some negative discussions on social media. Just be strong for yourself, and fight back!




  • Get Counselling and Mentorship:

You are strong but we all need someone to lean on. Don’t struggle lone when there are trustworthy friends and professionals trained to help you recover. Get counselling from a professional and allow then help you bounce back. You can also get counselling from people you trust and look up to.





You must also distance yourself from the rapist. Apart from the fact that another rape can occur from the same person, seeing them is not good for your recuperation. It will only trigger emotions and get you downcast. Flee!



I also advise you get closer to God and talk to him in prayers. Find solace in the scriptures by reading texts that will help you feel stronger and more connected to God. Ask him to give you strength to stand trying time, and with time everything will be great again!


For cases of sexual assault, you can call DSVRT on 08137960048.


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