TriotiNaija Launches ‘TriotiNaija Shop’  To Sell Event Tickets.

TriotiNaija Launches ‘TriotiNaija Shop’  To Sell Event Tickets

In a bid to address myriads of problems associated with events planning and concepts promotion, Trioti House Media has come up TriotNaija Shop (, a systematically designed platform offered to bridge the gap between event planners/organisers and their audience.

The shop was conceived and put forward as a platform where event tickets for event lovers can be easily purchased.

According to the the CEO of Trioti House Media, Mr. Omilana Timileyin, the initiative was harnesed to make life more interesting for fun seekers across the country. ‎‎

Triotinaija Shop was founded to provide solutions to the myriads of problems confronting event organisers and promoters in Nigeria.”

“Part of its objectives is to create a very reliable and an easy-to-use ticketing platform, both online and offline for events managers, promoters and attendees. Because we believe that everyone has the freedom to live an easy and convenient life.” ‎he added.‎

Why You Should Sell With Us

*Triotinaija Shop helps to promote your events on all platforms at no cost to you, even on our mother blog

*Our 24 hours customer service center is available every day of the week to provide answers and solutions to all enquiries.

* You can upload your own event and have it live on the site within minutes. A member of our team will then approve the event, at which point tickets will go on sale.

* Once registered, you can log into your control panel to see how many tickets you have sold and how many remain.

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* You can also view past event data, update your profile and add flyers and pictures to your listing to give your customers the best possible information. Your customers can read more information about your event and see a description of your venue.

* We can sell tickets for your event until 2 hours before your doors open.

* You do not need to print paper tickets as we can offer an e-ticket service where customers pay for a reference number which corresponds to a list you print and take to the door.

* You can tell us how and when you would like us to pay for your tickets sold on our platform.


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